Belinda Morrison - Kitchen Manager

Juggling the orders, cooking schedule and the team, Belinda takes it all in her stride.

Rae Wakelin - Production Assistant

Our Jam and Marmalade Queen! No job is to big for this wonderful lady! 

Sue Fretwell - Our all rounder

From packing orders/post, filling in when needed in the kitchen, tastings, mothering all staff and reminding Simone to follow up emails. Every business needs a Sue!

Craig Lawrence (Charlie) - Production Assistant

The man who knows too much about women, as he is the only man in the kitchen! From unpacking deliveries, cooking, tastings and helping Simone at markets. Craig is a man of many talents!

Kaylene Lawrence - Production Assistant

Charlies' little sister. Thank goodness she helps us in the kitchen. As Rae's little Angel, our jars have never been cleaner!

Briony Boeder - Production Assistant

Our resident Chef. Her laugh, her singing, her talent is an asset to all in the kitchen.

Joshua O'Dea - Owner/Delivery Driver

From the Yarra Valley to Aireys Inlet and in-between Josh juggles the busy Melbourne traffic and remains composed most days.  His talent also includes packing orders, markets and looking after the kids!